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Loo Locks
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The Fascination of Loo Locks

Been a design engineer I have always been fascinated about the diverse ways people have come up with doing the simplest of tasks. This page is dedicated to the designers of locks for doors used in toilets.
With the arrival of my compact digital camera I can now take pictures of these engineering marvels or not as the case may be. All pictures are taken with the user sitting.

Downstairs Loo at home
Ex British Rail

This is the lock on our downstairs cloakroom. Its from a British Rail carriage, Made from heavy duty brass. Incorporating a Vacant Engaged sign outside. With the neat feature that the door can be unlocked from outside. Pity about the poor carpentry!

Office Lock
Simple bolt

A simple bolt very obvious as to wether the door is locked. However, major problem if toilet user has a heart attack or is a small child!. Hence, this type of lock should only be fitted with small screws.  Note the cunning piece of cardboard spacer.


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