Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The end is nigh..

At last I might be getting this site sorted out so that I can update it easier and improve the navigation. I have posted a request on rentacoder to upgrade the site to wordpress so the site will be in php rather than html.

This will enable me to have a much bigger website (well I have 60 years of data to add :-) ), better navigation, higher google ranking and with all the cool features that I have added to Sally's site for a much lower cost.

My biggest concern is that we can maintain all the existing links to the blog archives and my Les Gets page.

Hopefully by the end of October it will be sorted.........

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My coming of age parties...

On Saturday July 28th I finally come off age. That is the age when you get free bus tickets, 30% of rail travel and 10% of ski passes.

Everyone is welcome to join me at one or more of the following places on the big day.

09:00 In line at Cambridge railway station to collect my pass :-)

10:30 Swimming at Jesus Green followed by celebratory drink.

11:30 Walk to Grantchester and lunch at The Orchard

15:00 Punting on upper river (weather permitting).

19:30 See Taming of the Shrew in the gardens of St Johns College (Queens Road entrance).

22.30 Drinks at my place.

I'm not sure when THE cake will appear :-)

No presents please only your presence..

Please leave a comment here or text/call me on 0797 1428715 if you might be coming to any of the events.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jesus Green swimming.

I have been a regular swimmer at Jesus Green outdoor pool for several years. This year, for me, it is turning into a real social club with our small group of hard core swimmers.

I was first in at the official opening but not for long with the water temperature at 12 degrees I could only manage half a length (50 yards) Bernard however managed a stunning 13 lengths and lived to tell the tale. Since then the water temperature has been slowly increasing with my fingers progressively getting less frozen. Today at 20 degrees I managed my 10 lengths without any white finger at all.

Yesterday one of the of duty lifeguards offered to do my timings for me. So today with their stopwatch they timed my 10 lengths. In true geek fashion here is the result:-
Total time was 27mins 9secs for 1000 yards. Will be interesting to see how this varies during the next couple of months.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sony Handycam to Compaq Presario

Having spent a good while trying to sort out how to connect Tony's camera up. Here is the way we chose.

Tony had a Sony DCR-HC37E Handycam and a Compaq Presario V5000 we bought a 2port Firewire express Card ModelX2200 from DirectUSB store and a 4pin to 6pin firewire cable part UE5B1. The card cost £19.95 + VAT and the cable was 4.50 + VAT

All is working fine. No doubt we will get some youtube video's in due course......

Saturday, June 16, 2007

On our way to Corsica

Now at Stansted airport waiting for the flight to Nice where I
finished the GR5 nine months ago.
This evening Sally and I will get the 6.30 ferry to Calvi and then a
taxi to the start of the GR20 in Calenzana.

Will be very interesting to see how 5miles of walking can take all
day! & whether it is a lot more difficult than the GR5.

My bag at Stansted weighed 8kg which included the terra nova laser
tent and some food. Well pleased with that.

Not sure if this 3 phone will get a data connection in France but
hopefully Sally will be moblogging the walk on

Geoff Jones

Friday, June 15, 2007

Test post from gmail

A post using gmail..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A trip around Cambridge and me....

After receiving a 10,000 word missive from some anonymous plonker with no name I have now turned off anonymous comments.

Especially for the plonker and maybe other more enlightened readers who may not know me. I can offer the following:-

After visiting the oldest museum in Cambridge The Sedgewick, yesterday I am a reaffirmed total atheist. Anyone who can see the diversity of life 250 million years ago and still have anything to do with Noahs Ark is beyond me and basically bodes ill for the human race.

After also visiting the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
yesterday I remain a firm believer in the equality of all race's. As anyone would be after seeing the Aboriginal artifacts at the museum, any tribes that can survive for some 30,000 years in such inhospitable conditions is just incredible - Our oil economy is only 100 years old and we are easily past the halfway point in supply. See this staggeringly well researched article on The Oil Drum
Especially this chart in the comments from http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p237/1ace11/plateau3.jpg

Thats enough for now. Can't cope much longer using Blogger!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Indian head Masasge

Just had my first Indian Head Massage the VideoJug way :-


VideoJug: How To Do An Indian Head Massage

Many thanks Sally

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

4 Everests in 22 days....

More interesting statistics from my GR5 walk across The Alps last year:-

Data from Memory Map
Date Place Ascent (m) Descent (m) Distance (km) Time Av.Gradient
02/09/06 Saint Gingolph

03/09/06 La Chapelle 1929 1306 14.9 05:53 22%
04/09/06 De Chesery 1750 764 17.5 06:04 14%
05/09/06 Samoen 500 1700 19.8
06/09/06 Les Gets

07/09/06 Moéde Anterne 1894 620 18.4 06:28 14%
08/09/06 Les Houches 1043 2020 14.7 04:23 21%
09/09/06 Chalet Nant Borrant 1447 962 19.3 05:52 12%
10/09/06 Chalet de la Balme 2193 1683 23.4 10:40 17%
11/09/06 Refuge de Rosuel 1369 1801 21.8 09:11 15%
12/09/06 Val D'Isére 1401 1149 21.3 08:04 12%
13/09/06 Lanslevillard 1361 1732 29.3 10:26 11%
14/09/06 Modane 1005 1409 28.5 09:09 8%
15/09/06 Refuge étroite 1558 830 16.2 06:53 15%
16/09/06 Montgenévre 1800 1741 27.3 10:48 13%
17/09/06 Chateau Queyras 2012 2462 33.6 13:30 13%
Ceillac 1097 821 12.5 05:26 15%
Fouillouze 1703 1474 21.9 09:13 15%
Bousieyas 2201 2211 30.9 12:54 14%
21/09/06 Auron 1652 1915 20.9 09:42 17%
22/09/06 Roure 2299 2813 32.4 14:21 16%
23/09/06 Dalmas-Valdeblore 1321 1105 13.8 06:32 18%
24/09/06 Utelle 1737 2228 23.4 10:48 17%
25/09/06 Nice 1640 2438 32.9 10:19 12%

34912 35184 494.7

Number of Everests 3.9

As you can see the walk nearly equals climbing 4 Everests from sea level in 22 walking days. Hoping to make a youtube video of a 3D fly through of the walk....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A long days walk.....

After doing my warming up exercises for the GR20 at the weekend with Sally. I thought it might be interesting to have another look at my GR5 walk last year.

Day 7 was one of my longer days. I left the excellent Chalet de Nant Borrant (1460m) at 07.45. By 10.43 I was atop Col de la Croix-du-Bonhomme (2483m). I negotiated the very narrow path on Crete des Gittes and arrived at Refuge du Plan de la Laie (1815m) which was going to my finish at 12.28.

Since it was a pleasant day and still so early, I thought, I would do the next day as well. The thunder clouds were forming as I arrived pretty exhausted, after all the bouldering, on the Col de Bresson (2469m) at 16.37.

I raced down the other side to arrive luckily at the Chalet de la Balme (2009m) at 17.10, just before the storm broke. A lucky escape.

Total ascent was 2193m and descent 1683m in a 23.4km route. according to memory map.

Here is the route plotted in google earth:-


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ebay hot properties....

Some people sell their private islands on ebay. Others, like my son, try and sell their house in Peterborough on ebay.

Thanks to Loic for the link to the island and Nick for the link to the house!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Silva Pedometer / Step counter Instruction Setup

For those that are like me and can never find instruction manuals. Here is the setup sheet for the Silva Step Counter (56012) , Pedometer (56013) and Pedometer Plus (56014).

I'm now on my third one. The internal pendelum seems to only last a million steps, which for me is about a years walking or a stroll down The Camino from SJPP to Santiago de Compostella.

Other than that they are very reliable and good value. Important usage information :-
  • Always attach to your belt with a lanyard (latest models have a small hole to thread a cord through).

  • If they get wet, the displays stops working. However, they still count OK - just put near a radiator and the display will start up again.
Happy walking - they are surprisingly accurate when compared to a GPS typically to better than 1%

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bloggers Brunched

I managed to present my little talk at the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association. About 28 folks there split 50/50 so no sex bias in PR. It was well received although I don't think many of those present were totally convinced! Heather had set up the meeting well, initially in a horseshoe format then dividing up into 3 breakout groups. I was amazed at just how blinkered corporate types are. It really hit home to me all that De Bono stuff about thinking outside of the box. I began to think that PR stands for press relations rather than public relations. For most of the people present its all about controlling the message.

However, one person who was totally convinced is my childhood hero, Paddy Hopkirk who was in my breakout group. Amazing happy friendly fellow who was telling me a story about his old friend Bob Lutz who was considered very mad for daring to ask common people at autoshows what they thought of his cars. Oh for those that don't know Bob is General Motors Vice Chairman and was one of the first CEO's to blog!

Here is Paddy taking a mini for a spin...


Monday, April 16, 2007

Bloggers Brunch at the MIPAA

Tomorrow I will be on a panel with Ellee and Simon at the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association "Our first ever Bloggers' Brunch brings together a number of bloggers from the world of PR and journalism to help you discover the potential - and pitfalls - of this innovative new communications technique"

I have made a small slide show that if I get time I will present.

Any websites that I mention will be posted here after the brunch.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Tesco in Arizona America - No British food here please!

Here is the latest on Tesco's bid to make the USA a healthy country. Text courtesy of The Arizona Republic

"The minisupermarkets, dubbed Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, will begin to open late this year in the Phoenix area and other Western cities. Tim Mason, Tesco USA chief executive officer, officially announced the Fresh & Easy name and revealed more details about its launch to Valley officials and business leaders.
The chain's emphasis will be on fresh produce and healthful, ready-to-eat meals sold for affordable prices but not British food. [My emphasis]

Mason said. "It is very deliberately designed to meet the needs of the 21st-century American consumer." In Tesco's eyes, those needs don't include smoking: The stores won't sell cigarettes or tobacco products
"We're going to encourage a healthy lifestyle," Mason said, adding that Tesco's private brand products won't contain added trans fats, artificial colours or flavours.

Thanks to Hugh for the pointer to Raving Lunancy who has the link to The Arizona Republic

Experimenting in Dubai

Now in Dubai for a week staying with Nick. Nick was showing me his latest blog using the multi user version of Wordpress. Here is a link to my first post on a blog that I created on his domain. In fact you can have thousands of blogs hanging of that domain. This could be ideal for my vanspot idea or for a politician who might want all their co-workers to have blogs.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

History of Religion in 90 seconds

A most amazing dynamic map showing the spread of major religions over past 5000 years in 90secs of video . its interesting to see how religions always appear to start at the fringe of an existing religions zone of influence.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self Charging Smoke Alarm

Here is a really neat product:-
"Never worry about changing batteries again. This unique smoke detector screws into any ceiling light fixture and operates off your home electricity. Reinstall the light bulb into the alarm, and now you’ve got a light source and smoke alarm in one! Recharges itself every time you turn the light on."

Be cool to make one that works with a standard UK ceiling rose and even better that uses the house wiring to activate all the alarms in the house.

Maybe one exists?

Thanks to the Make blog for the link.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good news day.

Today French Telecom finally fixed my line in the Les Gets exchange. So after around 20 days, endless phone calls and employing the services of Bernard at Kankoo Informatique in Morzine to pester France Telecom into submission I now have a 1MB ADSL line working in the apartment.

And more good news - the snow has finally arrived in Les Gets village after 3 weeks of rain. Here is the view from my balcony at 3.30pm today. Outside temperature is -1.1 so its looking good for tomorrow.

Cherie radio should have more to report tomorrow although I now have di.fm to listen too.

Oh and Nick is getting married in Gozo at some point near my 60th birthday in July.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Rain rain go away....

Another foul day here in Les Gets. Even Avoriaz is now suffering with rain and wind at the tops.

Here is the view at the top of the Telecabine Ardent at 1510 metres. Love the carpet of straw to stop you slipping on the ice.

Snow now predicted in Les Gets next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Oh and still no ADSL in the apartment :-(


Thursday, January 18, 2007

French Connection

Here I am in France at my apartment in Les Gets 74260. Wanadoo aka Orange have been charging me 24.90 Euro a month for a 1MB connection. However, as you can see there is a missing light on my router modem. Yes that's right there is no ADSL on the line. Trying to contact their service assistance on 3901 sucks big time even for native French speakers, we are now on our second 72 hour promise of an engineer. I've now paid Bernard of Kankoo Informatique in Morzine to try and sort out the Orange guys. However, I'm not hopeful ,they seem even worse than NTL and BT. I wonder how Loic gets on with his ADSL connections.

Picture of actual Netgear router lights.

The missing Internet (ADSL) light.

All a bit terrible for an apartment that you only use occasionally. So off to The Boomerang Hotel Stella again to post this post.

Friends are we.

Here is a great piccy of Stan and I. We became friends in infant school at Creswell in 1951. Stan was my protector from all those playground bullies (well he is 6 months older than me which at 60 is nothing but at 5 is like a lot!!). We shared a huge number of experiences together even though our paths diverged when his parents allowed him to do 'O' levels and go to university and then he emigrated first class to Australia. Meanwhile I was forbidden to do full time education after 15 (I know its unbelievable now, that your parents would BAN you from doing 'O' levels etc etc) and ended up in an ironworks and eventually Cambridge.

Well here we are, celebrating our 60th trip around the sun, in Les Gets still the best of friends.Reminiscing about our illegal chemistry and electronic activities back in Creswell in the late 60's

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Les Gets Estate Agency survey

Decided to take a break from the iceboarding today and do a little survey of all the estate agents, with high street offices, here in Les Gets (74260) France. I found 10 unique agents in 11 locations. Here are snaps with their phone numbers and website links. Click the agency name or image to access the agents website:-

Orpi Agences 0450796965

www.acm-immobilier.frACM immobilier 0450758926

Arch immobilier 0450797428

Immo Progets 045075820

Centrale Des Proprieties 0450797812

Century 21 0450745600

Agence Anthonioz 0450798009

Agence des alpes 0450758518

Century21 0450758320

Agence Holiday 045075814

4807 Immobilier 0450758628

Previously known as Agence Olivier

Feel free to leave comments or names of any other agents operating in Les Gets.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow in Les Gets? Must be last year!

Here is a great photo taken outside my apartment in Les Gets in March 2006. (Thanks Kevin & Louise) Currently the same view is green grass with not a speck of snow. Please don't laugh, tonight we are promised 1/2 inch of snow at the mid station :-(

However, according to Jean-Michel at The Boomerang hotel we can expect loads of snow next week :-) Many thanks to The Boomerang for providing free WiFi internet here in Les Gets.

Today Stan and I did the Chavannes run, a tribute to the snow cannon and careful piste management by SA Gets we could actually ski into the village. Even Avoriaz is looking a bit dodgy now, especially below 1800metres.

Monday, January 15, 2007

GPS walking errors

As a little experiment I set myself a little walking route around the back of the apartment on the slopes of Mont Chery and then uploaded it to the GPS. I then tried following the route, with no map, just using the GPS. When I returned I downloaded where I had walked.

The image shows the blue track, my intended route and the red track where I actually walked. As you can see I went wrong 6 times in one hour. Oh dear need to brush up on my GPS techniques :-(

I did a bit of boarding this morning at the back of Avoriaz but got bored after 14 miles in  90mins as it was terribly icy. Here is my route.

The bus fro Les Gets to Ardent takes 30minutes from Mont Chery until you are at the top of the Ardent lift. From tomorrow there is an additional bus at 9.30 the bus at 10.00 this morning was jam packed. 

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A lovely of Ellee's

My star blogging protege Ellee is really riding high. Here are some comments culled from the internet today:-

Paul Newman 43 year old Islington resident and London Conservative Mayor hopeful writes his thoughts and says:-

4 Ellee- I sometimes find Elee a bit alarmingly left wing…well compared to me anyway!! . She does like her environmental issues and is nice to everyone ,which I cannot be. I love her blog though . She is more journalistic in style able to present issues clearly with depth balance and always a pleasure to read. There is a sort of calm and good nature about her that is a welcome change form the over heated atmosphere of virtual shouting .
It seems astonishing that you are not required to pay for her posts which are limpid pools of sense with wonderfully presented supporting information.

and from Jeremy Jacobs we get this collective noun - a lovely of ellee's

Gazing into my crystal ball I think Ellee is in for a good year, although my other protege, Sally, is doing rather well too.

No snow Sunday in Les Gets

Looking back from the Nauchets Express into the Ranfoilly bowl. Remmants of artificial snow only. But the lifts are open with the Bruyere run into the village just about open and the Violettes run to the Nauchets still passable.

Looking up the Gazelle black run on Mont Chery - not a spec of snow anywhere. Just forget Mont Chery if you are a skier. walkers and paragliders only.

Well at least Mont Blanc still has some snow - for the time been anyway. View from the Le Belvedere at 1550metres on Mont Chery. My guess is that the snow line is at around 1800metres..

Looking towards the Grand Ourse two man lift, Mont Chery. From the bubble car exit at midway. The green piste is Ourson. The piste basher looking rather forlorn surrounded by slush.

My Sunday afternoon walk up Mont Chery about a 400metre climb and 7km in 1hr 30min with a 30min Vin chaud break at Le Belverdere. I boarded the Chavannes in the morning, that's it though, Avoriaz from now on.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Les Gets to Ardent (Avoriaz) free bus!

A gorgeous sunny day today with temperature over 10 degrees.

Les Gets has now organised a free bus direct to Ardent from outside the Mont Chery bubble car. They depart at 08.45, 10.00 and 12.00 returning at 13.15, 15.30 and 16.45 from the bubble car station at Ardent. TC Ardent is very fast so its a much quicker to get to Avoriaz and the Porte de Soleil.

I did 20.3 miles in 2hr 16min with 8mins of stops a top speed of 38.7mph according to the GPS. A great few hours although a great pity that you have to travel on a bus and also pay the high lift pass rates of Avoriaz. I managed to get my pass upgraded to the Port de Soleil area for no more than if I had done it originally so I'm pleased.

Friday, January 12, 2007

From Les Gets to Avoriaz - rain to snow

Due to the overnight rain here in Les Gets and the lack of snow. We decided to try our luck in Avoriaz which at 1800metres is 700metres above Les Gets.

Much, much better snow and obviously quite crowded, the off piste bits are still very icy but the pistes were in quite good condition. Here is our afternoon's activities. I covered 16.6 miles, so not so bad with my left toe strap snapping on the last run home :-( The afternoon pass cost 24.50 Euro so quite dear.

I ventured to just above where I was walking the GR5 in September. Looking directly down at Col de Chesery and Lac Vert where I spent my second night in the Refuge de Chésery (it was just about covered in snow today.).

It was good using the new Le BaladAulps Bus 55 seater bus service from outside my apartment in Les Gets and Morzine town centre 1Euro each way with buses out to Morzine at 09.15, 09.45, 09.54, 11.14, 12.34, 13.05, 13.45, 13.54, 15.14, 16.10, 16.34, 18.04, 18.50 and 19.10 Returning to Les Gets from Morzine at 06.42, 08.09, 09.27, 09.30, 10.32, 10.47, 12.07, 13.00, 13.27, 13.42, 14.47, 16.07, 17.32 and 19.37 Yep the 17.32 is heaving even out of season. the buses are operational between 16th Dec. and 22 April they also travel down as far as Le Jotty and St Jean d'Aulps and Montriond

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boarding in Les Gets

The snow might be dreadful with only a handful of blue runs open but that doesn't stop me geeking out . Here is a map of where I went boarding this afternoon, made by strapping  my GARMIN Etrex to my helmet and then importing the track log into my Memory Map.

  Overlaid is my speed profile with a red dot that shows exactly where my highest speed was obtained.  An alternative graph is the elevation profile showing that I used 3 lifts.

Will be interesting to see what happens once we get some decent snow and the red and black runs open. Interestingly I had my first  email request for a summer booking at my apartment today

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Happy New Year

Finally got around to writing a new post (I attempted one earlier but the PC crashed and lost it!) As Ellee reminded me its now 5 weeks since I posted which is some sort of record in my 6 years of blogging.

I thought I would do a quick round up of the year.

 Here is the year according to my  Eatwatch chart ( A Program that made the transition from the Treo650 to the Treo680 nearly intact) . I've finally made it to my target of 78kg set 2 years ago. As you can see the oscillations in weight are getting less as my self control is beginning to improve. The worse peak in August is what happens when you stay on a small island with good food and precious little else to do! (Note that the graph is computed from daily weighing's. The blue dots are Km walked.

A great year for my walking.

Firstly doing The Pennine Way in 15days at the end of April/May. taking just over half million steps compared to the million steps from St Jean Pierre Port to Santiago de Compostella.

Then in September for 23 days I crossed the Alps walking the GR5 around 356 miles.

and of cause just recently I've met Sally in Norfolk.   So in the last couple of months we have been doing many walks in East Anglia. Here is a rather neat map with all the GPS data from the walks superimposed on it.

Will be interesting to see what 2007 will bring. My guesstimate for 2006 is over 1000miles of walking.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Autumn in Cambridge

Autumn has finally arrived here in Cambridge. Here's a couple of shots I took today between the rain. This one is outside Parkside pool. The new pool opened in May 1999 at a cost of about £12m the inside is now in a shockingly bad condition with the main internal support columns having heavy corrosion the tiling is discoloured and grimy. I can safely predict that it will soon be closed for refurbishment!

Here is a view down my street with the beautiful tree colours.

This is an autumnal scene from yesterdays walk in The Fens showing the rich black soil freshly ploughed.

Following in the wake of Hereward

The Wednesday Walk this week was from Ely to March on The Hereward Way (I now know why he was called Hereward The Wake - obviously because he had to wade or boat through all the fens leaving a wake behind him!). This also is part of the E2 connecting The Fen Rivers Way to The Nene Valley Way

Just look at this elevation profile. The first spot is near Ely cathedral  at 20 metres above sea level the next is Little Downham at 19 metres.

A good day we did 22.3 miles in 6 hour 12 min's of walking plus I managed to get Sally to stop for 25mins (including a pint at the Lamb and Flag  in Welney  a delightful little village)

The worst bit was walking along the top of the dead straight 100ft drain bank. Otherwise a recommended walk for anyone in Cambridge with decent train links to March and Ely.



What ever you do don't rely on seeing to many signposts. I guess the money must have run out so they are very sparse indeed.



The bridges also leave something to be desired, this one is near to the Nene at TL 46395 99483






 However, there is money for windmills here there is a small farm of 8 turbines on the other side of the Nene.

My Treo is in a RESET LOOP! How do I stop it?

Michael invited me to hear his boys play at the Man on the Moon with their band Rhythmic Thrust, unfortunately only got to hear their last few moments and I got charged 4 quid to get in! Sounded better than the last time but still not as good as at Michael's 50th party.

However, the fun started afterwards. Michael and I both have Treo 650's so we had a boys and their toys moment in the public bar when the next act was on. I shared my VolumeCare, FileZ and TrafficStat with him and all seemed fine. However, later that evening I received a desperate email from Michael "Help! I just tried to synch my Treo and it keeps restarting over and over again. I cant seem to get it out of the loop. Any ideas what to do? I'm beginning to panic." after much soul searching and effort he managed to get it to accept a hard reset. Today he searched the Palm forums and came up with lots of comments like this (expresses my feelings too)  

User: JS84T
Rating: 1
November 1, 2005

I've recommended this app to so many people and now they're all pissed at me. For some reason this app has taken to crashing all the Treo 650's it's installed on. My version works. All of there's have crashed. Very poorly written code dood

I then went to the VolumeCare website and discovered this gem in their help forums:-

My Treo is in a RESET LOOP! How do I stop it?

If your Treo is continually resetting itself over an over again, this is how to recover from this condition without having to Hard reset your device!
1) Press and HOLD the 5-way UP navigation control
2) Press and release the reset button on the back of the Treo
3) Continue to hold the 5-way UP navigation until the Treo displays the Preferences screen or the Phone application
4) Release the 5-way UP navigation key
5) Press the Green Phone button to display the phone application
6) Enter this error code number into the phone application and then hit DIAL/SEND
SPRINT: ##377
Verizon: #*#377
GSM: #*377
7) If there is an application name listed that you are familiar with, remove that application or move that application to the SD Card then go to step 29
8) If going to the default application screen (Launcher) causes another reset loop, repeat steps 1-4 and then go to the next step
9) HotSync the application FileZ to your Treo (http://GoTreoSoftware.com/downloads/ota/3rdparty/filez.prc)
10) Press the GREEN phone button to enter the phone application
11) Press the menu key or tap on carrier name in the upper left corner of the phone application display to open the menu system
13) Tap on the first EMPTY Favorites entry
14) Wait for the Add Favorites screen to appear
16) Tap on LABEL
17) Find and Select the application FILEZ from the list
18) Select OK
19) Select DONE
20) Press the 5-WAY DOWN to open the favorites area in the phone application
21) Find the new FILEZ entry in the favorites and TAP on it to run the FILEZ application
22) Wait for the FILEZ application to display its screen
24) Tap on the arrow ( |> ) next to the word INTERNAL
25) Scroll to the application you need to delete
26) Tap on the target application name. A small check mark will appear next to the application name
27) Tap on the name FILEZ in the upper left corner of the screen to open the menu screen
28) Select DELETE and say YES to the confirmation
29) Press and release the RESET button on the back of the Treo
30) If a reset loop continues return to step 1 until the reset loop stops.

Doesn?t say what you do if it finds their software is to blame!

So VolumeCare is great if it works on your Treo but please don't ask me to beam to you :-)

Congratulations to Paddy & Andy on reaching Istanbul

Following on from my post when I met Paddy in Les Gets. I now notice from their blog that they  reached Istanbul on October 31st . This is a rough map of his route taken from their pedometer here

Great achievement for both of them.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ouse and Wash up the Nene

Continuing my grand 3000 mile E2 walk. I'm now connecting up the bits I've walked this year (Pennine Way (250m), Alpine GR5 (350mile), Fen Rivers Way (50m)). So on Wednesday with my new found walking companion, Sally_from Norfolk, we walked from Kings Lynn to Wisbech along The Nene Valley Way.

  A great day, with the excellent start in a charming tiny ferry  across The Ouse owned by a husband and wife team - it is in fact part of the public highway, started in 1200).

Then a walk along the windy sea defences  around The Wash, at times smelly, firstly from Kings Lynn sewage works (come on boys and Burack - clean up your act) then by a team of squaddies doing nefarious activities on the small island off Walkers Marsh who had liberally splashed diesel all over the footpath. Then its straight up The Nene and yes it is straight. Past hamlets with delightful names such as Foul Anchor and into Wisbech.

A good walk, Sally's first over 20 in a day,in fact 21.9 miles in 6hr 22min walking plus 33min of stops. Here is Sally taking a very short stop on one of the Nene Valley's stiles. Flattest profile to date as well. Notice the zero bit at the start, when we were on the ferry .

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Political Art and Justice

Yesterday CRASSH event was by Vikki Bell discussing Art memory and politics from Buenos Aires and Belfast. She mainly focused on Art and the disappeared ones in Argentina . This was one of the stunning pictures she showed. by Nicolas Guagnini "In this work, which I have named 30,000 (the number of disappeared in Argentina), I used the picture of my father, a journalist who covered national and international politics. he was disappeared on December 12, 1977. As the spectator moves around the image, my father’s face appears and disappears." (Picture and words from North Dakota Museum of art).

She also had images from Fernando Traverso "350 bicycles" as apparently the first sign of the disappeared was that their bicycles were abandoned in the streets.He "paints 350 bicycles all over his home city of Rosario, Argentina, one for each person disappeared. He photographs the graffiti bicycles and mounts them in the exhibitions as scenic "postcards." Very moving indeed. (picture from his site).

She also went into some detail on the role of ESMA (Escuela de Mechanica de la Armada) although what happened within its walls had nothing to do with engineering in the navy (400 out of 5000 survived). Wonderful expression "Taking photo's is about decisions"  (it was a pun about taking as in clicking and taking as in stealing) also spoke about Carlos Filomina and his umbrella hand and the fact that the junta didn?t get his paintings.

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