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Updated: 04/11/2002; 12:53:40.


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19 October 2002

Bought my first skateboard today from Route One, Excellent service got some rather strange looks and lots of smiles once I tried to use it, of cause Em got the idea pretty quick (passing drunk - this is how to do it but I' m to drunk to get on it !). Think it should help snow boarding and kiting skills. If I don't bust an ankle first!

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Well really sorry folks for the long delay between posts. Been away in Dominican Republic learning to kitesurf. managed to get up and go due to Jo Jo's instruction at Kitepark also went on a days canyoning with Retired Mike . An excellent day out. Really enjoyed the beach bar and facilities at the Hotel Tania  run by France (warning the penthouse suite is adjacent to the AC system - not recommended for light sleepers!) For the windsurfers Happy Holidays (also run by France is situated here).
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